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The Summarin Family

In 2011, after a successful international letter writing campaign, Rabbi Ascherman reached an understanding with the JNF preventing the eviction of the Sumarin family in East Jerusalem. The threat has returned, and Torat Tzedek is responding. While the State eventually promised the High Court not to use the “Absentee Property Law” to take properties from families in East Jerusalem when family members are present, the Sumarin property had already been so declared. The settler group “Elad” highly covets the property, and a lawyer who works for Elad represents JNF in efforts to evict the family. The Magistrate’s Court ruled against the family and we accompanied the family to the High Court. We are currently awaiting the Court’s decision. Because the Reform Movement was until 2021 part of the governing coalition of the KKL/JNF, we are calling upon the Movement to take more active steps to prevent an eviction, as it helped us in 2011.

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