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Accompanying and Protecting Sheperds

Torat Tzedek is part of a coalition of organizations working in the Jordan Valley to prevent the displacement of Bedouin and the destruction of villages. Along with "Ta'ayush," we and tens of volunteers accompany and protect shepherds both in the Jordan Valley and in the Binyamin region on an almost daily basis. When we are not present, settlers often prevent shepherds from accessing crucial grazing areas. They intimidate, and are sometimes physically violent. When we are present, they often prefer to call in the army.  Shepherds report that our intervention has restored their ability to graze their sheep and survive financially. Otherwise, they might sell their flocks, and move to Area A.  We have sometimes succeeded in getting violent and disruptive new outposts evacuated. In some areas, Torat Tzedekis working to prevent settler flocks from eating grains planted by the Palestinian shepherds for their flocks.

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